This 400th anniversary campaign, carried out throughout 2013, is finished. The work to honor treaties with Native Nations and protect the Earth continues. Learn more, or join in that work: contact the Onondaga Nation, Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation, Neetopk Keetopk (Hudson Valley), Onondaga Canoe and Kayak Club or Two Row Paddle down the Grand (2016).

Learn More About Paddling

Some who participated in the Two Row Paddle down the Hudson were expert paddlers with years or decades of experience. Others were new to paddling, but practiced to prepare for the journey and build their skills. All of us can always learn more and improve our skills.  Here are some resources to help.

kayaks & canoe


Tandem canoe basics
Forward stroke
 J stroke
The duffek stroke
Kayak paddling basics
When canoe flips over
What not to do when your canoe flips
The curl- canoe rescue
T-rescue- kayak rescue 
Helping kayaker back in the kayak from in the water
Scramble T-rescue