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Important Directions to Drums Along the Mohawk

A train derailment in late June near Fonda has closed Route 5 indefinitely… HOWEVER, there is only a small section near Fonda that this really effects.  Local traffic, such as that going to Kanatsiohareke, is permitted around the detour signs.

From the WEST:

Get off the Thruway at Canajoharie.  Take a right, then another right in town to cross the bridge over the river.  One more right, and drive around the “Road Closed” sign.  Proceed normally to Kanatsiohareke, about 5 miles.

From the EAST:

(It may be easier just to get off the Thruway at Canajoharie.  Your call.)

From the Fonda exit, make a left.  Go a short distance and turn right to go over the bridge. Keep going until the traffic light, make a left going W on Route 5.  You will see the first Road Closed sign here – go around it.  When you come to the second Road Closed sign, believe this one.   Turn right to go up Hickory Hill Road.  Go 5-6 miles, take a L on Reservoir Road.  This will take you back downhill to Route 5.  Turn R and go west on Rt. 5 to Kanatsiohareke.