This 400th anniversary campaign, carried out throughout 2013, is finished. The work to honor treaties with Native Nations and protect the Earth continues. Learn more, or join in that work: contact the Onondaga Nation, Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation, Neetopk Keetopk (Hudson Valley), Onondaga Canoe and Kayak Club or Two Row Paddle down the Grand (2016).

Media Coverage

Winter 2014 “Two Row Wampum” (Inside ESF Magazine)

3/10/2014 “A short introduction of the Two Row Wampum” (Briar Patch Magazine)

3/5/2014 “Original Wampum not released to museum exhibit” (Two Row Times)

2/14/2014 “Canoe journey helps renew the Two Row Wampum Treaty” (The Miscellany News)

Winter 2013 “They’re Still Paddling: Two Row Renews 400-year old promises” (Plank Road Magazine)

12/13/2013 “Syracuse Community Choir to honor Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

12/11/2013 “Anniversary celebration of Two Row Wampum help in Buffalo” (Two Row Times)

12/9/2013 “Native culture under threat from climate change may hold the key to addressing it” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

11/26/2013 “Two Row Wampum End of Year Celebration” (Native American Times)

11/20/2013 Congressman Won’t Say ‘Redskins’ in House Speech; Calls for Name-Change” (Indian Country Today Media Network)

11/19/2013 “Two Row Belts to be Presented” (Owego Penny Saver)

11/17/2013 “Daily Inspiration: We Are the One’s We’ve Waited For” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

11/17/2013 “Owego exhibit emphasizes Wampum Belt Treaty” (Ithaca Journal)

11/13/2013 “The Two Row Wampum and the Rules of Law” (Two Row Times)

11/12/2013 “SU to honor Native American heritage, culture in November” (The Daily Orange)

11/08/2013 “Celebration to honor end of yearlong Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

10/30/2013 “Exhibit looks at history of Susquehanna River” (Press Connects)

10/16/2013 “Pipeline plan threatens First Nations communities, NEB hears” (The Canadian Press)

10/09/2013 “Tecumseh portrayed by David Morris of Newmarket hold up 2 row wampum” (Two Row Times)

10/06/2013 Haudenosaunee Renew Two Row Wampum With Dutch” (Indian Country Today Media Network)

11/06/2013 “Two Row Wampum unites NYS opposition to fracking” (Two Row Times)

11/05/2013 “Treaty Belt on display in Macedon Library” (Wayne Post)

11/03/2013 “Haudenosaunee Leaders Travel to Netherlands to Mark Two Row Wampum Agreement” (Before it’s News)

November 2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign” (

10/02/2013 “On the river: Catskill to Kingston” (New Paltz Times)

9/13/2013 “Onondaga Nation marks 400 anniversary of Two Row Wampum treaty” (CNY Central)

9/13/2013 “Onondaga Nation leader in Netherlands to honor 400th anniversary of Two Row Wampum Treaty” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

9/13/2013 “Iroquois leaders in Holland for treaty ceremony” (The Wall Street Journal)

9/12/2013 “Haudenosaunee Leaders Travel to Netherlands to Mark Two Row Wampum Agreement” (IC Magazine)

9/10/2013 “Native American Tribes Seek Help from UN, World Court” (Truth Out

9/4/2013 “Renewing the ‘Two Row Wampum'” (United South and Eastern Tribes Inc.)

9/2/2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign Interview: Beth Adams” (Bread and Roses Radio) –

8/30/2013 “Renewing the ‘Two Row Wampum'” (Lake Placid News)

8/30/2013 “Group calls attention to environmental issues” (YNN) –

8/28/2013 “Paddling Through History: Renewing the Two Row Wampum” (New York History Blog)

8/27/2013 “Historic Paddle: Renewing the Two Row Wampum” (Adirondack Almanack)

8/26/2013 “Two Row Wampum campaign took message throughout New York state” (WRVO Public Media) –

8/24/2013 “A Dutch Massacre of Our Lenape Ancestors on Manhattan” (Indian Country Today Media Network)

8/24/2013 “Letter: Tradition suggests agreement of 1613 did exist” (Times Union)

8/22/2013 “Native Roots Artist Guild Member Featured at Historic Two Row Wampum Campaign” (Ohi:yo’ Art Gallery)-

8/22/2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign Ends Journey, Message Lives On” (Indian Time)

8/22/2013 “Epic Open Water Canoe Trip Ends in NYC; Treaty Renewed” (Indian Country Today Media Network)

8/22/2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign Completes Journey to United Nations” (Indian Time)

8/22/2013 “Sharing the river of life: The Two Row Wampum and the next 400 years” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

8/21/2013 “Two-Row Wampum Renewal Campaign Reflects on Successful Journey, Plans for Future” (WAER 88.3) – [photos]

8/20/2013 “Dugout canoe used in historic trip to honor Two Row Wampum to be on display at NYS Fair” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

8/18/2013 “Three cheers to treaty paddlers, La Guelaguetza Fest, Ulster BOCES Voltech” (Poughkeepsie Journal)

8/16/2013 “Ancient Wisdom Rising, Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign” (larahentz)

8/16/2013 “‘Sharp Words’ from historians miss the point of Two Row Wampum Commemoration: Your Letters” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

8/15/2013 “Two  Row Wampum Renewal Campaign Completes Journey to United Nation” (Indian Time)

8/15/2013 “Haudenosaunee paddlers take traditional trek down to New York City” (APTN News)

8/14/2013 “Two Row Wampum Arrives at United Nations” (Syracuse New Times)

8/13/2013 “Two communities, distinct and side-by-side: In greater Syracuse, spirit of the Two Row” (Syracuse Post- Standard)

8/9/13 “400 Years of Friendship with the Haudenosaunee Remembered” (Kingdom of the Netherlands)

8/9/2013 “Indianen vieren 400-jarig verdrag met Nederlanders” (Dutch RTL4) –

8/9/2013 “Observance of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples” (UN Web TV)

8/9/2013 “The Disputed Myth, Metaphor and Reality of the Two Row Wampum” (Indian Country Today Media Network)

8/9/2013 “Indigenous canoe trip celebrating 400-year-old peace treaty culminates with UN event” (UN News Centre)

8/9/2013 “Two Row Wampum Canoe Journey Ends in NYC” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

8/9/2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Journey” (Vimeo) –

8/9/2013 “Onondaga Leader Oren Lyons, Pete Seeger on International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples” (Democracy Now)

8/9/2013 “Three Things to Celebrate on International Day of the World’s Indigenous People” (Color Lines)

8/9/2013 “International Day of the World’s Indigenous People” (AllAfrica)

8/8/2013 “Canoe convoy making quite a row” (The Villager)

8/8/2013 “Two Row Paddlers Stop in Piermont” (Patch) – [photos]

8/8/2013 “Open Dialogue Needed on Treaties” (Reuters)

8/7/2013 “Two Row Story Part One” (Josh Dolan SoundCloud) –

8/7/2013 “Tonya Gonnella Frichner Esq. on the Two Row Wampum Campaign (YouTube) –

8/7/2013 “The Good Mind” (Times Union)

8/7/2013 “Paddlers With Two Row Wampum Belt Land in Piermont Wednesday” (Patch)

8/7/2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign Sails From Croton to Piermont” (Patch)

8/7/2013 “Two Hundred Paddlers Dock in Croton to Honor 400-year-old Peace Treaty” (Daily Voice)

8/6/2013 “Paddling Down  the Hudson for the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign” (OpEd News)

8/5/2013 “NMHS Welcomes Onondaga Nation” (National Maritime Historical Society)

8/5/2013 “Traveling Hudson for Two Row Wampum, Paddlers Stop in Peeksill” (Patch)

8/4/2013 “Edge of the Woods Ceremony was the basis  for the Two Row Wampum” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

8/4/2013 “Paddlers pass Walkway on trek to commemorate treaty” (Poughkeepsie Journal) –

8/3/2013 “Paddlers travel Hudson River for Two Row Wampum Treaty Renewal Campaign” (YNN)

8/3/2013 “Two Row Wampum Festival in Beacon” (Hudson Valley Reporter) – [photos]

8/3/2013 “Crowds gather to honor, cheer paddlers, unity riders” (Poughkeepsie Journal) –

8/3/2013 “Paddlers Commemorate Native American Treaty Stop in Cold Spring” (The Journal News) –

8/2/2013 “Two Row Wampum paddlers, Dakota Unity Riders, meet in Kingston” (MidHudson News)

8/2/3013 “Two Row Wampum campaigners sail (and ride) into Kingston” (Watershed Post)

8/2/2013 “One-sided colonial attitude must be replaced” (The StarPhoenix)

8/2/2013 “Two Row Wampum Boat Brought Back to Life” (CBS-6 News) –

8/1/2013 “Kingston welcomes Unity Riders , Native American Paddlers” (Daily Freeman) –

August 2013 “Two Row campaign reaches Manhattan shores” (Eastern Door)

August 2013 “Two Row Wampum Unity” (Vimeo) –

July/August 2013 “Two Row Wampum Campaign Prepares to Hit the Water” (Peace Newsletter)

7/31/2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Celebration Troy, Ny” (Travels in Abbey)

7/31/2013 “Onward and ‘Onrust'” (Register-Star) –

7/31/2013 “Anniversary recalls water as sacred source of life” (The Washington Post)

7/31/2013 “Two Row Wampum Paddle Comes to Cold Spring” (The Putnam County News and Recorder)

7/31/2013 “Unity Riders aim to heal with 4,000 mile journey” (Poughkeepsie Journal)

7/31/2013 “Two Row Campaign Heads Down the Hudson” (Syracuse New Times)

7/30/2013 “Two Row Wampum campaigners sail (and ride) into Kingston” (Watershed Post)

7/30/2013 “Sacred Land: 400th Anniversary of 1st Treaty” (The Call of the Land)

7/30/2013 “Two Row Wampum Belt” (Friends of the NYS Military Museum)

7/30/2013 “Historic Native American journey reaches Rosendale” (The Herald-Record)

7/30/2013 “Two Row Wampum Flotilla Nearing United Nations” (Nyack News & Views) – [pdf version here]

7/29/2013 “Native American treaties journey down Hudson underway” (MidHudson News)

7/29/2013 “Haudenosaunee canoes reach Hudson River on trip to celebrate Two Row Wampum treaty” (Syracuse Post- Standard) – [photos]

7/29/2013 “Historic Native American Trip By Horseback, Canoe Passes Through Region” (The Herald-Record)

7/29/2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign” (Great Northern Catskills)

7/28/2013 “Two Row Wampum flotilla embarks on Hudson River journey” (The Record) –

7/28/2013 “Peace Fest to Flow Through Beacon” (Poughkeepsie Journal)

7/28/2013 “Native American Treaties Journey Down Hudson Underway” (Mid-Hudson News)

7/27/2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign” (Vimeo) –

7/27/2013 “Two Row Wampum Flotilla set to launch Sunday July 28, 2013 10 a.m. near Albany” (Examiner) –

7/26/2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign” (Times Union)

7/26/2013 “Honoring a Neglected Pact” (Times Union)

7/26/2013 “Unity Riders’ journey of healing crosses area” (Daily Freeman)

7/26/2013 “Hudson paddlers’ journey to commemorate 1613 Iroquois-Dutch treaty” (The Journal News)

7/25/2013 “Journal Focuses on History of 400-year-old Two Row Wampum” (Indianz)

7/25/2013 “Two Row Wampum Epic Canoe Trip Kick Off Festival On July 27” (Popular Resistance)

7/25/2013 “A Message of Healing Comes During a Unity Ride” (WAMC) –

7/25/2013 “Row Your Boat- For Peace and Unity” (Almanac Weekly)

7/24/2013 “Two Row Wampum agreement is real even though written treaty is fake, Journal of Early American History says in special issue” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

7/24/2013 “Village Inks Less “Controversial” Wampum Resolution” (Saugerties Times)

7/24/2013 “Flotilla to Paddle Downriver, Towards a Better Future” (The Record)

7/23/2013 “Journal Explores debate on Two Row Wampum Treaty” (Brill)

7/23/2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign” (InterOccupy)

7/18/2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign Arrives at Kanatsiohareke” (Indian Time)

7/18/2013 “To Row For Peace” (Straus News)

7/17/2013 “Thirteen-Day Voyage on Hudson River Marks Anniversary of Two Row Wampum Treaty Between Dutch Settlers and Hudson Valley Native Americans” (Hudson Valley Magazine)

7/14/2013  Oren Lyons and Andy Mager Interview on Two Row (WRVO Radio) – [half hour audio]

7/14/2013 “Native Heritage on Display at Farm” (Times Union) – [photos]

7/13/2013 “Paddlers Mark 400-year-old Iroquois-Dutch Pact” (Wall Street Journal)

7/10/2013 “Two Row Wampum Journey Begins” (Syracuse New Times)

7/9/2013 “Paddlers on Symbolic Trip to Honor 400th Anniversary of Two Row Wampum” (Little Falls Times)

7/6/2013 “Events Celebrate Two Row Wampum Treaty” (Poughkeepsie Journal)

7/4/2013 “Two Row Wampum Campaign Begins Symbolic Trip Over New York’s Waterways” (WRVO) –

7/4/2013 “The Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign 2013 Begins at Onondaga Nation” (Syracuse Post-Standard) – [photos]

7/3/2013 “Paddlers Start Symbolic Trip to Honor 400th Anniversary of Two Row Wampum” (The First Perspective)

7/2/2013 “Onondaga Nation Representatives Embark on Epic Two Row Wampum Trip” (9WSYR-TV) –

7/2/2013 “Two Row Wampum Cultural Fest Launches” (Syracuse Post-Standard) – [photos]

7/1/2013 “Paddlers Start Symbolic Trip to Honor 400th Anniversary of Two Row Wampum” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

June 2013 “Woven Treaties” (Good Life Journal)

6/26/2013 “Onondaga Nation Preps Hand-Carved Canoe for Two Row Wampum Journey” (Indian Country)

6/26/2013 “Peace Sign” (New Times)

6/24/2013 “Two Row Wampum Campaign Training Paddle” (Syracuse Post-Standard) –

6/12/2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign Plans Symbolic Canoe Trip Down Hudson This Summer” (New Paltz Times)

6/11/2013 “Batavia Resident Using the Tonawanda to Prepare for Historic Canoe Trip From Albany to NYC” (The Batavian)

6/9/2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign” (SculptingEarth)

Two Row on Cover of Ithaca Times Front page of Auburn Citizen 6/8/136/9/2013 “Letter: Share and Protect the Environment” (Times Union)

6/7/2013 “Two Row Wampum Celebrates 400 Years of Friendship” (The Citizen)

6/7/2013 “400 Years: Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign” (WAMC) – [extended version on audio]

6/5/2013 “Journey Commemorates 400-Year-Old Treaty” (YNN)

6/5/2013 “Two Row Wampum Campaign Marking 400th Anniversary of First Haudenosaunee Treaty” (Ithaca)

6/4/2013 “Paddlers Launch Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign” (Ithaca Journal)

June 2013 “Sharing the River of Life” (NYS Conservationist)

5/29/2013 “Ithaca-to-Aurora Odyssey Observes a 400-Year-Old Lesson of Coexistence” (The Citizen)

5/28/2013 “Native Views Heard at Owen Sound Event” (Shoreline Beacon)

5/25/2013 “Celebrating 400 Years of the Two Row Wampum” (Indian Country)

5/23/2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Peace Walk” (Grafton Peace Pagoda)

5/16/2013 “Onondaga Clan Mother Visits Nyack Center” (Nyack News and Views)

5/02/2013 “Onondaga Nation Men Create Dugout Canoe for Historic Trip Down the Hudson River” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

5/01/2013 “Hickory Edwards Talks About Making the Two Row Wampum Dugout Canoe” (Syracuse Post-Standard) –

5/01/2013 “Andy Mager on the Two Row Wampum Canoe Trip” (Syracuse Post-Standard) –

May 2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign” (Natural Awakenings)

4/19/2013 “American Indian Program at Cornell Celebrates 30 Years” (Indian Country)

4/11/2013 “Two Row Wampum Subject of Forum Tonight at Le Moyne College” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

4/09/2013 “Recognize Indian Passport Here Too” (NRC) – [Dutch version]

3/28/2013 “Bringing the Two Row Wampum Treaty to Life”
(Indian Country)

3/27/2013 “Students in Ithaca Learn About 400-year-old Two Row Wampum Treaty” (Ithaca)

3/25/2013 “Storytellers Conference April 13th at University of Buffalo” (The Buffalo News)

3/23/2013 “Woodstock Fundraiser Will Aid Campaign to Renew Native American Treaty” (Daily Freeman)

3/23/2013 “Honoring the Two Row Wampum” (Examiner)

3/17/2013 “Group Displays Native American History” (WIVB4)

3/16/2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign Honors Native Treaties with Rebecca Myles” (WBAI) –

3/14/2013 “Historic 400-Year-Old Wampum Belts come to Western New York” (WGRZ 2)

3/14/2013 “Onondaga Nation Calls on Pope Francis to Repeal Lands Doctrine” (

3/14/2013 “Historic 400-Year Old Wampum Belts Come to Western New York” (Niagara Frontier Publications)

3/14/2013 “Western New York to see 400-Year Old Wampum Belts” (WIVB)

3/13/2013 “Indian Nations & Neighbors Commemorate 400th Anniversary of Two Row Wampum Treaty” (The Nation)

3/13/2013 “Sharing the River of Life: The Two Row Wampum Treaty Renewal Campaign and Our Collective Future” (Chronogram)

3/13/2013 “New Pope Named as Natives Push for Recant of Doctrine of Discovery” (Indian Country)

3/13/2013 “Native Americans to new Pope: Recant the ‘Discovery Doctrine,’ which Catholics dominion over New World” (Daily News)

3/13/2013 “Renewing the First Treaty Between American Indian Nations and European Settlers: Two Row Wampum” (The Pachamama Alliance)

3/12/2013 “NYC National Museum of American Indians to Host Panel on 400 Year Wampum Treaty” (Native News Network)

3/6/2013 “400th Anniversary of Two Row Event Planned July” (TEKAWENNAKE)

2/22/2013 “Wendy Gonyea and Andy Mager discuss the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign on Indigenous Politics: From Native New England and Beyond”

2/15/2013 “Lindsay Speer and Jake Edwards Discuss the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign on The Forum”  (WERW) –

2/14/2013 “ABORIGINAL JUSTICE: Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign Begins” (Christian Peacemaker Teams)

2/11/2013 “Spirit of Two Row Wampum Lives Strong in Central New York” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

2/10/2013 “Onondaga Nation Launching “Honor the Two Row Wampum Campaign” (CNY Central) –

2/8/2013 “Andy Mager Shares Insight on the Two Row Wampum Campaign with Susan Arbetter in the Capitol Pressroom” (WCNY) –

2/6/2013 “Jake Edwards and Andy Mager Discuss the Educational Campaign” (9WSYR)-

2/5/2013 “Editorial Board Meets with Organizers of the Two Row Wampum Campaign” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

2/4/2013 “Celebrating Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign” (Syracuse Post-Standard) –

2/3/2013 “Two Row Wampum: Made-up Controversy Over Treaty Document Belittles Haundenosaunee Oral History” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

2/1/2013 “Respect for The Two Row Wampum” (570 WSYR) – [podcast]

1/25/2013 “Rebuttal: ‘Two Canoes’ Extremely Meaningful to Aboriginals” (London Free Press)

1/13/2013 “Letter to the Editor: Linked by Respect and Friendship” (Times Union)

1/8/2013 “As Long as Grass is Green” (Almanac Weekly)

11/15/2012 “Onondaga Chief Discusses 400-year Wampum Treaty” (Mid-Hudson News Network)

10/4/2012 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Thursday Morning Roundtable” (WCNY) –

Fall 2012 “Polishing the Covenant Chain in the Hudson Valley and Beyond” (ONGWAWENNA)

Fall 2012 “Environmental Consortium Two Row Feature Story” (Environmental Consortium of Colleges and Universities)