This 400th anniversary campaign, carried out throughout 2013, is finished. The work to honor treaties with Native Nations and protect the Earth continues. Learn more, or join in that work: contact the Onondaga Nation, Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation, Neetopk Keetopk (Hudson Valley), Onondaga Canoe and Kayak Club or Two Row Paddle down the Grand (2016).

Two Row Stands in Solidarity with Mi’q Ma’q Resistance to Hydrofracking

Members of the Onondaga Nation pose at an anti-fracking rally in Albany


The Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign expresses solidarity with the Mi’q Maq people who are defending their part of Turtle Island from the destructive fracking industry.  We call on the people of, what is now called, the United States and Canada to honor the spirit and letter of treaties made with Native Nations and peoples. Hydraulic Fracturing, known as “hydrofracking” desecrates our water through deliberate contamination that is then used to fracture bedrock and extract methane. Hydrofracking also violates the agreements made by our ancestors to protect our shared resources and to live in peace and friendship with respect for our different cultures. The Canadian government is explicitly violating these agreements by using violence against protesters in order to allow corporations to violate the land while first nations people defend their territories.

Supporters of the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign are working for fair, just and respectful resolution of outstanding Native and First Nations land disputes. This includes the restoration and clean-up of environmentally damaged lands and waters, and respecting the Haudenosaunee Statement on Hydrofracking, which reads in part: “The Haudenosaunee will not allow hydrofracking on or near their aboriginal territory, and calls on the Government of New York State to similarly ban hydrofracking and other unconventional gas drilling methods within New York State”. The Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign encourages allies in all of Haudenosaunee territory to work towards defending our communities from hydrofracking.

Our supporters remind the Governments of Canada and the United States that they must honor and fully implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples which in Article 19, expresses that “states shall consult and cooperate in good faith with the indigenous peoples concerned through their own representative institutions in order to obtain their free, prior and informed consent before adopting and implementing legislative or administrative measures that may affect them”.

Supporters of the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign have made a commitment to “personally care for and respect the natural world on which we all depend and resist energy policies and practices, including hydrofracking, that intensify the looming climate and environmental crises and instead fight for renewable and alternative energy and economic policies that put the well-being of all people and our ecosystems ahead of the accumulation of wealth for the wealthy”.

With this in mind, we stand in support of the Mi’q Maq people and all others nonviolently resisting extreme energy extraction from the Tar Sands of Manitoba to the Elsipogtog First Nation of New Brunswick.

In Solidarity,

The Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign


Please read the article below for an indigenous perspective on the Elsipogtog Protest.

Elsipogtog Protest: We’re Only Seeing Half the Story

“The story here, the real story, is virtually the same story in every Indigenous nation: Over the past several centuries we have been violently dispossessed of most of our land to make room for settlement and resource development. The very active system of settler colonialism maintains that dispossession and erases us from the consciousness of settler Canadians except in ways that is deemed acceptable and non-threatening to the state. We start out dissenting and registering our dissent through state-sanctioned mechanisms like environmental impact assessments. Our dissent is ignored. Some of us explore Canadian legal strategies, even though the courts are stacked against us. Slowly but surely we get backed into a corner where the only thing left to do is to put our bodies on the land. The response is always the same — intimidation, force, violence, media smear campaigns, criminalization, silence, talk, negotiation, “new relationships,” promises, placated resistance and then more broken promises. Then the cycle repeats itself.”