This 400th anniversary campaign, carried out throughout 2013, is finished. The work to honor treaties with Native Nations and protect the Earth continues. Learn more, or join in that work: contact the Onondaga Nation, Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation, Neetopk Keetopk (Hudson Valley), Onondaga Canoe and Kayak Club or Two Row Paddle down the Grand (2016).

CALL TO ACTION! Rally at Cuomo’s State of the State: No Fracking, Yes Renewables!

  SOS Meme_Poster The fate of our state could be determined in 2014: Governor Cuomo says he will decide whether to frack New York before the November elections.

It is up to us as Allies to confront our leaders and tell them that fracking will never be acceptable in Haudenosaunee Territory, what is now “New York State”. Honor the Two Row by joining many others in Albany! We welcome our Native brothers and sisters to join us in solidarity of our efforts to ban fracking!

This year is super crucial since we know that Cuomo will be up for re-election this next year and we need to make sure he knows we are going to pressure him every campaign stop of the way. This starts at State of the State!

Rally at Cuomo’s State of the State: No Fracking, Yes Renewables!

When: Wednesday, January 8, 2014 Time: 11AM – 3PM

Where: Empire State Plaza – Concourse hallway near the entrance to The Egg (Indoors), Albany, NY

There are two buses from Syracuse, leaving at 9am from Price Chopper Parking Lot at 2515 Erie Blvd East.

Please sign up here

We must send a message to Governor Cuomo: the science is clear that there is no safe fracking, and the only way to protect our health and environment is to ban it!

Please RSVP and share the facebook event with your friends!

This will be a fun, energizing rally… and we will show Cuomo what the Fate of the State looks like for us… SUSTAINABLE!

Bring your friends, signs, chants, songs, puppets, and a lunch!

See you on January 8th!

Endorsing organizations include: Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation/Syracuse Peace Council, Syracuse Community Choir, Citizen Action of New York, Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign, Frack Action, NYPIRG, Sierra Club, Shaleshock CNY, Syracuse Cultural Workers, and Alliance for a Green Economy