This 400th anniversary campaign, carried out throughout 2013, is finished. The work to honor treaties with Native Nations and protect the Earth continues. Learn more, or join in that work: contact the Onondaga Nation, Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation, Neetopk Keetopk (Hudson Valley), Onondaga Canoe and Kayak Club or Two Row Paddle down the Grand (2016).

Two Row Campaign to Close–Work to Continue

TwoRows Schod-Coxsackie contrast

Following three years of intensive work to develop, carry out and then follow up on the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign, the time has come for us to lay down the organization.  This seems like the best way to build on the powerful work we have carried out together!

When we began this process we didn’t seek to create a new organization, but rather to lay the groundwork for a larger social movement to support Onondaga, Haudenosaunee and Native Sovereignty, honor Treaties made between our peoples and work together to protect the Earth.

Together we have made significant progress toward those goals, but much work remains to be done.  That work is being carried out by Native people and allies far and wide. It will continue through the work of Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation (NOON), Neetopk Keetopk in the Hudson Valley, the Doctrine of Discovery Study Group, the Skanoh Great Law of Peace Education Center, the Onondaga Canoe and Kayak Club, the Haudenosaunee Murals Project in Ithaca, a proposed Two Row Paddle down the Grand River and much more.

We are still determining what to maintain in terms of online and social media resources from the campaign and what to merge with the work of NOON, the organization which gave birth to the campaign.  You can expect to hear more from us about that as we clarify the best path forward with those resources.

We will continue working with interested people and groups to schedule screenings of the documentary film Guswenta to continue the educational work. We hope you’ll remain part of this important work for social justice and environmental protection. We believe it is critical for a sustainable future.

Now that many understand what the Two Row Wampum intended, we hope you will find opportunities to support Native Nations in their ongoing struggles. Letters to your representatives when issues come up are always helpful, as are letters to the editor. There is continued work to stop hyrdro-fracking in NYS, reduce fossil fuel consumption to avert the worst effects of climate change, obligations to protect our Mother the Earth, etc.

As the Project Coordinator, I have had the privilege to work with all of you and expect that many of those relationships will continue as we find additional ways to collaborate and support one another’s efforts.


Andy Mager
Project Coordinator