This 400th anniversary campaign, carried out throughout 2013, is finished. The work to honor treaties with Native Nations and protect the Earth continues. Learn more, or join in that work: contact the Onondaga Nation, Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation, Neetopk Keetopk (Hudson Valley), Onondaga Canoe and Kayak Club or Two Row Paddle down the Grand (2016).

We had 55 News Articles on the Two Row in August!

Check out all of our news coverage from August, photos and videos included!

***8/30/2013 “Renewing the ‘Two Row Wampum'” (Lake Placid News)

“‘We need a global solution. We need to set aside our differences. Our leaders are not paying attention. Washington is filled with millionaires. What the hell do they care? They are out of touch. We are losing time. Now is the time for people to come together and act to protect and heal our environment. If we do not act now no matter what we do it will be too late.’ said Oren Lyons…”

8/30/2013 “Group calls attention to environmental issues” (YNN) –

8/28/2013 “Paddling Through History: Renewing the Two Row Wampum” (New York History Blog)

8/27/2013 “Historic Paddle: Renewing the Two Row Wampum” (Adirondack Almanack)

“‘There are a lot of people in good spirits here,’ said Sid Hill, Faith Keeper of the Haunensaunee. ‘Rain is rain. It is a good thing. What is needed is a healing of our two peoples. We made an agreement with the Dutch and we have lived by that agreement. We need others to join with us in protecting Mother Earth.'”

8/26/2013 “Two Row Wampum campaign took message throughout New York state” (WRVO Public Media) –

***8/24/2013 “A Dutch Massacre of Our Lenape Ancestors on Manhattan” (Indian Country Today Media Network)

“Given the massacres and other genocidal efforts to destroy our nations and peoples through evangelism, boarding or residential schools, and political assimilation, we need to liberate ourselves from the resulting domination, not reconcile ourselves to it. Healing for our nations and peoples involves meticulously sorting out how we got into the predicament we’re in, while working diligently to liberate ourselves from systems of dominance through the revitalizing our languages, cultures, and spiritual traditions, as well as our political identity of original independence.”

8/24/2013 “Letter: Tradition suggests agreement of 1613 did exist” (Times Union)

8/22/2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign Ends Journey, Message Lives On” (Indian Time)

8/22/2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign Completes Journey to United Nations” (Indian Time)

8/22/2013 “Sharing the river of life: The Two Row Wampum and the next 400 years” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

8/21/2013 “Two-Row Wampum Renewal Campaign Reflects on Successful Journey, Plans for Future” (WAER 88.3) – [photos]

8/20/2013 “Dugout canoe used in historic trip to honor Two Row Wampum to be on display at NYS Fair” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

8/18/2013 “Three cheers to treaty paddlers, La Guelaguetza Fest, Ulster BOCES Voltech” (Poughkeepsie Journal)

***8/17/2013 “The Iroquois Are Not Giving Up” (The Atlantic)

Atlantic ARticle header“‘Broken treaties must become a thing of the past.’ The Netherlands is commemorating the Declaration of Rights for Indigenous Peoples on September 13th and is planning to dedicate the event to the Two Row Wampum and working to invite Iroquois representatives. Additionally, Consul General de Vos stated that he plans to visit the Onondaga Nation, although no date has been set yet.”


8/16/2013 “Ancient Wisdom Rising, Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign” (larahentz)

8/16/2013 “‘Sharp Words’ from historians miss the point of Two Row Wampum Commemoration: Your Letters” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

8/15/2013 “Two  Row Wampum Renewal Campaign Completes Journey to United Nation” (Indian Time)

8/15/2013 “Haudenosaunee paddlers take traditional trek down to New York City” (APTN News)

8/14/2013 “Two Row Wampum Arrives at United Nations” (Syracuse New Times)

“Hundreds of people then marched to the United Nations, where the Two Row campaign culminated with a special program marking the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. About a third of the more than 300 people at the U.N. event were affiliated with the Two Row.”

8/13/2013 “Two communities, distinct and side-by-side: In greater Syracuse, spirit of the Two Row” (Syracuse Post- Standard)

8/9/2013 “Indianen vieren 400-jarig verdrag met Nederlanders” (Dutch RTL4) –

***8/9/2013 “Observance of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples” (UN Web TV)

***8/9/2013 “The Disputed Myth, Metaphor and Reality of the Two Row Wampum” (Indian Country Today Media Network)

“Many people call the Two Row belt Kaswentha, which has been translated by one Mohawk elder as ‘it brightens the mind.’ In times past it was called Tekeni Teiohate, or ‘two paths,’ which is in line with the Wyandot belt described above. In the colonial era, roads were two simple paths cutting through the wilderness, as opposed to the single native footpath prior to European contact. These parallel paths were made by the wheels of wagons carrying trade goods back and forth, and would thus represent the ‘path of peace” as well as commerce. As a Haudenosaunee chief once famously said, “We take trade and peace to be the same thing.'”

***8/9/2013 “Indigenous canoe trip celebrating 400-year-old peace treaty culminates with UN event” (UN News Centre)

“In 2007, the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which recognizes their right to self-determination and their right to freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

The Declaration also affirms the need to respect and promote the rights of indigenous peoples affirmed in treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements with States.”

8/9/2013 “Two Row Wampum Canoe Journey Ends in NYC” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

***8/9/2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Journey” (Vimeo) –

TWO ROW WAMPUM RENEWAL JOURNEY from Gwendolen Cates on Vimeo.

8/9/2013 “Onondaga Leader Oren Lyons, Pete Seeger on International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples” (Democracy Now)

8/9/2013 “Three Things to Celebrate on International Day of the World’s Indigenous People” (Color Lines)

***8/9/2013 “International Day of the World’s Indigenous People” (AllAfrica)

“Expanding the rights, voices, participation and opportunities for indigenous peoples is essential, not only as objectives in their own right, but also crucial to any society that aims to generate the kind of inclusive development that will build communities that are more just, diverse and cohesive….Guaranteeing access to opportunities and supporting an enabling environment where indigenous peoples are empowered and develop their full potential to lead dignified lives in harmony with their world vision and traditional values are at the core of UNDP’s work.”

8/8/2013 “Canoe convoy making quite a row” (The Villager)

“Emily Bishop, an organizer of the campaign, said, ‘Our initiative is to honor Native American treaties and renew a respect toward the earth. To survive on this earth, we have to be peaceful and sustainable. We over all just want to educate people, and spread our message on what it means to be sustainable.'”

8/8/2013 “Two Row Paddlers Stop in Piermont” (Patch) – [photos]

8/8/2013 “Open Dialogue Needed on Treaties” (Reuters)

8/7/2013 “Two Row Story Part One” (Josh Dolan SoundCloud) –

8/7/2013 “Tonya Gonnella Frichner Esq. on the Two Row Wampum Campaign (YouTube) –

***8/7/2013 “The Good Mind” (Times Union)

“The young people who paddled these waters will be stronger, more hopeful, more resilient, more alive. When a painful history is honored and named, new intentions gain power.  Renewal is fostered. May we continue to water the seeds of reconciliation and hope between Native peoples and the European descendents. May we cultivate and deepen good mind and heart as we encounter difference.  May we strengthen our own capacity to transform anger and injustice into good mind. So that all our minds are one.”

8/7/2013 “Paddlers With Two Row Wampum Belt Land in Piermont Wednesday” (Patch)

8/7/2013 “Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign Sails From Croton to Piermont” (Patch)

“‘Each line of the wampum belt represents each of our laws, governments, languages, cultures, our ways of life,’ said Jake Edwards of the Onondaga Nation Council of Chiefs, in a press release. ‘It is agreed that we will travel together, side by each, on the river of life…linked by peace, friendship, forever. We will not try to steer each others’ vessels.'”

8/7/2013 “Two Hundred Paddlers Dock in Croton to Honor 400-year-old Peace Treaty” (Daily Voice)

“‘We’re using the ancient water trails they used 400 years ago to where they met with the Dutch to sign this agreement with their white brothers,’ Edwards said.”

8/6/2013 “Paddling Down  the Hudson for the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign” (OpEd News)

8/5/2013 “NMHS Welcomes Onondaga Nation” (National Maritime Historical Society)

8/5/2013 “Traveling Hudson for Two Row Wampum, Paddlers Stop in Peeksill” (Patch)

“Instead of steering one another, the idea is that everyone should “travel together,” linked by peace, friendship and respect, Speer said. That’s why the paddlers—who are both natives and non-natives—are making their way down the Hudson side-by-side, in two rows.

‘When I learned about the campaign, I was really excited to hear about something that was such a celebration of the communities working in harmony,’ said Janet Zanutto, a resident of Niagara Falls, Ontario.”

8/4/2013 “Edge of the Woods Ceremony was the basis  for the Two Row Wampum” (Syracuse Post-Standard)

“…the Native group arrived with wampum beads and tobacco, clearly stating that this was their territory. They indicated their willingness to share its resources by bringing food to the Dutch and thereby reviving their bodies and spirits. Even then, the Iroquois made it very clear that this was their land and there was a distinctness between the two peoples, that the status of the Europeans was as visitors, not claimants to vacant lands.”

8/4/2013 “Paddlers pass Walkway on trek to commemorate treaty” (Poughkeepsie Journal) –

8/3/2013 “Paddlers travel Hudson River for Two Row Wampum Treaty Renewal Campaign” (YNN)

8/3/2013 “Two Row Wampum Festival in Beacon” (Hudson Valley Reporter) – [photos]

8/3/2013 “Crowds gather to honor, cheer paddlers, unity riders” (Poughkeepsie Journal) –

8/3/2013 “Paddlers Commemorate Native American Treaty Stop in Cold Spring” (The Journal News) –

8/2/2013 “Two Row Wampum paddlers, Dakota Unity Riders, meet in Kingston” (MidHudson News)

0175“The Unity Riders traveled by horseback from Manitoba, and will arrive at the United Nations on August 10. They are trying to protect sacred lands from encroaching developers. The Two Row Wampum group wishes to draw attention to valid treaties executed hundreds of years ago.”

8/2/3013 “Two Row Wampum campaigners sail (and ride) into Kingston” (Watershed Post)

8/2/2013 “One-sided colonial attitude must be replaced” (The StarPhoenix)

8/2/2013 “Two Row Wampum Boat Brought Back to Life” (CBS-6 News) –

8/1/2013 “Kingston welcomes Unity Riders , Native American Paddlers” (Daily Freeman) –

August 2013 “Two Row campaign reaches Manhattan shores” (Eastern Door)

***August 2013 “Two Row Wampum Unity” (Vimeo) –

TWO ROW WAMPUM UNITY from Gwendolen Cates on Vimeo.